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a beautiful tablescape with cheetah is the new black

Hello from Minneapolis! I know, I was just here less than two weeks ago – but I’m back again for work and boy has the weather has gotten even colder in that short amount of time. (I even packed my heavier winter coats just so I would have an excuse to wear them this year!)

While in town, I’m also getting to catch up with some of my favorite people that I didn’t catch on my last trip and I am so excited! I know it’s only been 4 months since I left, but when you leave a city that has come to feel like home, leaving the people that made it feel that way is even harder. Speaking of home, in just another week and a half I’ll be back in the best state ever – TEXAS. I’m going to be spending 48 whole days in the Lone Star State over the holidays. The last time I spent that much time at home was three years ago for summer vacay – isn’t that so crazy?? I’m hoping that I can really deck out my parents house with all the holiday trimmings and be my most festive self. YAY for the holiday season! (:

Hope y’all have a wonderful week, and here are some of my favorite links from this past month from around the web ::

I did a juice cleanse! Can’t wait to share my hilarious recount of all the thoughts I had during those 3 days.

How 5 successful women start their workdays. My kinda morning inspo.

I shared a recipe for Pumpkin Chickpea Curry on Camille Styles and it’s now a new fave in my dinner rotation.

Loved getting to put together this amazing cheeseboard for a chic and spooky dinner party set-up (pictured above – get more deets!)

This illustration is the sweetest.

I need a slice (or two!) of this chocolate coconut pumpkin bread ASAP.

31 ideas to feel better for when you’re having a bad day – my go-to idea is to organize everything!

This might just be the cutest way to cook pumpkins this season.

Already planning for Thanksgiving dinner – this recipe might make an appearance as a side dish.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m still searching for the perfect pie recipe to try, what’s your favorite?

a salad topped besan poora + this list

Y’ALL! I’m over on Camille Styles today sharing the recipe for this besan poora – AKA my dinner savior over these last few weeks.

Does anyone feel like things get infinitely busier as summer comes to a close? The lazy days are slipping away and it’s time to get back into it – I feel like the crisp days of fall are always a great kick starter into taking on new projects and re-evaluating routines. I have so many fun assignments and collaborations coming up that I can’t wait to share with you guys – and I’d love to hear what you want to see more of! Recipes? Lifestyle? 

I’m heading to Napa tomorrow and San Francisco on Sunday – seriously I live in the pocket right between some of the coolest cities in this country, but I’m always still looking for fun recommendations on places to visit – so send them my way! Here are some fun links from around the web ::

What you should be doing during a non-election year to stay involved.

This illustration made me laugh.

What Aziz Ansari had to say about quitting the internet.

I really want to make these dank cookies.

This essay is beautiful.

Why Ayurveda matters now more than ever.

Adding this book to my reading list. (I’ve been slacking on the book front!)

This ice cream screams summer – better make a batch before cherries go out of season.

a salad topped socca pancake with a tangy green sauce

a salad topped socca pancake with a tangy green sauce

a salad topped socca pancake with a tangy green sauce

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This Brown Kitchen - places to travel in Minneapolis

I’m going into this weekend with a clear mind and freshly washed hair. What do I mean? I just went FIVE whole days without washing my hair as a part of oil training. Basically I’m giving my hair a break and letting all those natural oils do their thing to help my scalp be its healthiest without stripping them all away and drying my hair out – and of course it helps your hair last longer between washes. It was actually quite nice getting up in the mornings this week and just tossing my hair up in a bun. It also means that I get to give my hair a break from the heat of my blow dryer which it probably appreciates. If anything, I will say that I have never appreciated a freshly washed head of hair as much as I have today – I feel like a rockstar!

As for weekend plans – I’ll be getting my flow on at yoga, shooting some content, and grabbing brunch at this local spot. And as always, here are some of my favorite finds from the internet this week!

Stumbled upon this column in the New York Times on practicing meditation in real time.

About to start this book and I am super excited about it – have you read this one?

This is my kind of spring pasta salad.

10 reasons to never start practicing yoga – this is hilarious!

Loving this cozy space and getting design envy!

Found the cutest shop in Minneapolis – you definitely need to check out Arlee Park.

I really want to try this vegan fattoush recipe next week.

Finished Master of None in 1 night (oops!) – here’s their official Italian travel guide!


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My new favorite podcast. (Joy the Baker and Alisa Vitti are my favorite episodes so far!)

I shared a recipe for a Cumin Chickpea Salad with my favorite Mint Chutney on Camille Styles.

This frittata is everything I want for brunch.

Been on the lookout for prints – and this one is the cutest.

One of my favorite local dinner spots for farm to table food.

I’ve been really into cycle-syncing lately after reading about Lee’s experience with it.

After I made teff pancakes last week, I now need to try these teff waffles.

My new apartment is going to have a balcony and these ideas are getting me super excited to decorate!