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I’m going into this weekend with a clear mind and freshly washed hair. What do I mean? I just went FIVE whole days without washing my hair as a part of oil training. Basically I’m giving my hair a break and letting all those natural oils do their thing to help my scalp be its healthiest without stripping them all away and drying my hair out – and of course it helps your hair last longer between washes. It was actually quite nice getting up in the mornings this week and just tossing my hair up in a bun. It also means that I get to give my hair a break from the heat of my blow dryer which it probably appreciates. If anything, I will say that I have never appreciated a freshly washed head of hair as much as I have today – I feel like a rockstar!

As for weekend plans – I’ll be getting my flow on at yoga, shooting some content, and grabbing brunch at this local spot. And as always, here are some of my favorite finds from the internet this week!

Stumbled upon this column in the New York Times on practicing meditation in real time.

About to start this book and I am super excited about it – have you read this one?

This is my kind of spring pasta salad.

10 reasons to never start practicing yoga – this is hilarious!

Loving this cozy space and getting design envy!

Found the cutest shop in Minneapolis – you definitely need to check out Arlee Park.

I really want to try this vegan fattoush recipe next week.

Finished Master of None in 1 night (oops!) – here’s their official Italian travel guide!


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My new favorite podcast. (Joy the Baker and Alisa Vitti are my favorite episodes so far!)

I shared a recipe for a Cumin Chickpea Salad with my favorite Mint Chutney on Camille Styles.

This frittata is everything I want for brunch.

Been on the lookout for prints – and this one is the cutest.

One of my favorite local dinner spots for farm to table food.

I’ve been really into cycle-syncing lately after reading about Lee’s experience with it.

After I made teff pancakes last week, I now need to try these teff waffles.

My new apartment is going to have a balcony and these ideas are getting me super excited to decorate!

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It’s the end of January, y’all! Thank goodness – as many wonderful things have happened in this first month of the year, it has also been a very stressful month based on current events. I won’t dive too much into it, but just know that things will be okay. And what can we all do to make sure that’s the case? Show others that you care. Be kind to those around you. Let people know that they are important, no matter who they are or what they look like or what they believe. I added a link to Aziz Ansari’s monologue from SNL below in this month’s This List, but one of my favorite quotes from it is “We’re divided. It’s O.K. We’ve always been divided by some of these big political issues. It’s fine. As long as we treat each other with respect and remember that ultimately we’re all Americans, we’ll be fine.”

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying this month ::

Currently jamming nonstop to this album

This is my new favorite podcast to listen to. (I love the Baking Revolution episode!)

I’ve seen about 1000 different articles on “Hygge”. Here’s my favorite explanation.

Imani and I have started collecting words of the day – my favorites so far are skeevy and chagrin.

In case ya missed it, I shared this Kombucha Mocktail Recipe on Camille Styles!

I LOVED Aziz Ansari’s monologue on SNL – real talk about the current state of the politics at its finest.

These images from the Women’s March were so inspiring.

Root Vegetable Fritter Cakes are my go-to dinner right now.

I fell in love with Duluth, MN this month. Everyone should see a Great Lake in their life.

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This Brown Kitchen Instagram :: @suruchiavasthi

Happy Diwali and Happy Halloween!!!!!!

So many reasons to celebrate am I right?? I spent the past week immersed in all things Halloween – a Hallow’s Eve party at the office and preparing for a Halloween Bash at our place here in MPLS (in case you were wondering, I was dressed as Dr. Mindy Lahiri.)

Can you believe it is almost November aka the start of the holiday season? Every year we seem to say the same thing, “I can’t believe how fast the year has gone by!” It’s pretty true though. I’m already in the midst of planning my family Thanksgiving menu and starting to scour all the shops for the perfect Christmas gifts for all of my favorite people. I’m just awaiting the day that it becomes socially acceptable to start playing Christmas tunes and we’ll be good to go. What do you have going on in the next few weeks?

Here are a few of my favorite finds from around the interwebs this month ::

It’s finally soup season – so I made a bowl of this Butternut Squash Soup

Loving this career advice.

I need a giant bowl of this pudding right now.

I love Priyanka Chopra (Quantico is on my must-watch list for winter!) and she is too funny on Ellen.

Red wine hot chocolate. That’s all.

I went to Molly Yeh’s book launch event here in MPLS and confirmed my theory that she is definitely #goals. I also made her Malabi recipe and have tried multiple cake recipes. They are all perfect.

In case you need a last minute Halloween treat idea.

This illustration is too funny.