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this brown kitchen and cameron's coffee cold brew
So I’ve already started seeing people posting about the start of fall, and while I love autumn and all of the fresh and crisp seasonal things it brings into my life I gotta tell ya, we’ve still got a ways to go before we hit fall temperatures here in California. As in, it was 100 degrees here this last week and there is absolutely no point in going through my closet storage and digging out those sweaters yet. BUT – that means that cold brew coffee season is here for a little while longer. If y’all saw my instagram post last week with Cameron’s Coffee and if you’ve followed along with me for a while, you’ll know that I L O V E cold brew. I love coffee in general, but I love the smooth flavor and richness of cold brew that could have me sipping on a glass all day long. And while I’m focused on incorporating Ayurveda into my life, cold brew coffee fits seamlessly into my everyday.
Cold brewing coffee makes your brew less acidic, as the different oils, molecules, and acids in coffee are usually activated in hot water (around 195 – 200 degrees F). So when you brew coffee without that heat, those molecules aren’t released which makes for the smooth flavor that cold-brew is known for. This doesn’t mean that it’s better for you compared to hot coffee, but if you’re like me (a Pitta dosha type) and drink coffee, this is probably going to be a good go-to method for you. So how do I make my milk-jug of coffee for the week?
This is how I make my cold-brew coffee at home ::
Ingredients —
1 cup of Camerons Coffee grounds (been loving the Organic French Roast as of late)
4 cups of filtered water
Steps —
1. Add the coffee grounds into a nut milk bag and place in a glass container.
2. Pour over the water and cover the container. Let the coffee brew overnight for at least 12 hours.
3. Remove the nut milk bag from the container (easiest coffee clean-up ever!).
4. Pour your coffee into glasses, serve up with your favorite milks, syrups, etc.
this brown kitchen and cameron's coffee cold brew
this brown kitchen and cameron's coffee cold brew
I’m a milk gal myself when it comes to coffee mix-ins, and have recently discovered the joy of coconut milk which adds such a yummy sweet flavor that it makes my coffee drink feel like such a treat! Having a jug of cold-brew in the fridge makes it so easy to serve myself up some coffee in the late afternoon when I just want a little something to sip on. BUT the really big deal of having this cold-brew on hand in my fridge is that I’m not running downstairs for coffee. That’s right, I live literally right above one of Sacramento’s local coffee shops and it’s extremely hazardous to my wallet, so I’m saving some serious change by having this in my own fridge. YAY.
How do y’all brew?

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