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Hello and welcome to This Brown Kitchen! 

This space originally started as a place to document my adventures in the kitchen with recipes I’ve gathered from my favorite food blogs and magazines. It was soon after that I found a love for creating original recipes for food that I love from different cultures and infusing them with the flavors that I grew up with in my mom’s kitchen. Each recipe here from This Brown Kitchen is a blend of my food experiences from around the globe and my attempt at re-creating the flavors that my parents brought to Texas from India. This site has evolved over the last few years – with a renewed focus on wellness and living a life full of good food that nourishes body and soul. After studying the principles of Ayurveda and an Ayurvedic lifestyle, I’ve begun to incorporate more of those learnings into my recipes and posts, as I really am aiming to share the success and shortcomings of how that has affected my life in hopes of inspiring others to live a more well intentioned life filled with good food.

I spent many years through school with a mixed relationship towards food – either not eating enough or not eating foods that are truly nourishing. It took some time, lots of research, and finding inspiration from some talented and thoughtful people that I’m lucky to have worked with, but I’ve come to see food as not just a part of everyone’s day, but an opportunity to improve our daily habits and allow ourselves the chance to be our best selves. 

When I’m not styling food or testing a recipe, you can find me wandering the aisles of my favorite grocery stores, practicing yoga, exploring coffee shops, and pretending I can dance to music in the studio. Let’s connect!

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Bold Contributor :: Homemade Aloo Gobi

Camille Styles Contributor :: Minty Kombucha Smash Mocktail

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