a holiday gift guide + giveaway with cameron’s coffee

a coffee giveaway with Cameron's Coffee | This Brown Kitchen

Happy OFFICIAL holiday season!!! I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to publicly declare that the holidays have arrived (even though I’ve secretly been listening to the Michael Bublé Christmas Album as soon as Halloween was over!). This is just my favorite time of year because I’m one of those people who LIVES to give gifts – like, I’ve been thinking about certain people’s gifts since March and stocking up on all the cutest gift wrapping supplies just for this time of year. Which is why I’m super excited to share my love of gift giving with y’all with this amazing GIVEAWAY thanks to Cameron’s Coffee!! (Keep reading for the details on how to enter and win A MONTH’s worth of coffee!)

a coffee giveaway with Cameron's Coffee | This Brown Kitchen

Before we get to the giveaway details, let’s chat a little about the holiday season and this gift guide I put together. If you follow my daily adventures on Instagram, you know that I went all out with Thanksgiving (yes, I did in fact make five different pies for a family of four) and went full on holiday crazy and stocked up on all the best holiday finds at Target – can we talk about the Hearth and Hand line and how amazing Chip and Jo did in creating these sweet holiday items?? I picked up so many of the little knick knacks from the line to add to little gift baskets and have been on the hunt for other sweet items for the few people I have left on my list. Still looking for some gift ideas? Here’s what I have on my list – obviously its built for the foodie/wellness lover in your life, but hopefully it gives you some fun options ::

This Brown Kitchen Holiday Gift Guide 2017 1. Textured Stoneware Pieces // 2. DIY Soup Set // 3. Cameron’s CoffeeCoffee PodsPortion PacksCoffee Beans // 4. Copper Water Bottle // 5. Lip Balm // 6. Cookbooks // 7. Salt Sampler // 8. Chocolates // 9. Dutch Oven // 10. Aplat Tote Bags // 11. Almond and Peanut Butter Collection // 12. Petal Multi-Use Oil // 13. Copper Tea Kettle // 14. Turmeric Face Mask Set // 15. Ice Cream Delivery

Now on to my gift to you – THIS GIVEAWAY! Hopefully y’all have been following along with all of my coffee posts with Cameron’s Coffee, like this bulletproof coffee recipe or my favorite cold brew method, so of course I’m thrilled that I can partner with the team to share my love of their coffee with you as my little gift for being a part of the This Brown Kitchen family! Here is what’s up for grabs ::


6 Bags of Coffee Grounds or Coffee Beans 


6 12 Count Boxes of Coffee Pods

Okay it’s like a little more than a month’s worth, but the wording there just sounds so much better! 

**To enter, you can comment on this Instagram post, and/or participate in the below RaffleCopter, and/or leave a comment on this post with your favorite person to share coffee with.** Enter as many times as you like, the winner will be announced this Friday! (December 1st!) GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a coffee giveaway with Cameron's Coffee | This Brown Kitchen  a coffee giveaway with Cameron's Coffee | This Brown Kitchen

a coffee giveaway with Cameron's Coffee | This Brown Kitchen

Thanks to Cameron’s Coffee for sponsoring this post and giveaway!


bulletproof coffee

a bulletproof coffee recipe with camerons coffee | this brown kitchen

a bulletproof coffee recipe with camerons coffee | this brown kitchen

Can y’all even believe that we’re at the end of October?? I feel like every year we reach this point and I become all reminiscent of the fact that time moved so quickly and we somehow ended up at the holidays. What are y’all going to be for Halloween? Last year I was Dr. Mindy Lahiri and I have yet to think of a costume that is as simple and fun as that one was for me, (ehem, all I had to do was buy a doctor’s coat!) so suggestions are welcome! I’m will not be going out for Halloween this year either, as the morning after I have to catch a 6am flight back to Minneapolis. So I will be in bed early after watching It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and eating some of my Chocolate Quinoa Bark. Also – after finishing my juice cleanse this week, I am finally reunited with my one true love – coffee. So I’m super excited to share this recipe for one of my favorite ways to take my Cameron’s Coffee :: in bulletproof form. Now that the weather has cooled down a smidge here in California, I feel like I can finally start drinking some hot coffee here and there. Now don’t get me wrong, I am an Iced Coffee/Cold Brew gal through and through, but there is something super special about waking up to that chilly and crisp air and cozy-ing up to a hot brew. 

a bulletproof coffee recipe with camerons coffee | this brown kitchen

a bulletproof coffee recipe with camerons coffee | this brown kitchen

I’ve been working my way through the different blends that Cameron’s Coffee sent me, and while the Organic French Roast has been my favorite, I just brewed up the Organic Sumatra Blend this last weekend and it was amaaaazing. It was just the right amount of rich and earthy in flavor but not overwhelmingly so when drinking it black. Since I normally take my coffee with some kind of milk or cream, the fact that I could drink this coffee with minimal cream was super nice, which is why I ended up making my Bulletproof Coffee with this blend. So, Bulletproof Coffee. You’ve probably heard of it or seen it in some cheesy list of health and wellness trends you should try. While this style of coffee has gained a certain amount of notoriety for being the coffee that uber healthy people drink, it really couldn’t be simpler to make at home and actually does pack some wonderful health benefits to it as well. In it’s trendy origin, Bulletproof Coffee was a mix of coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil. Since its popularization, it’s turned to a general mixture of coffee with healthy fats which is much more my speed as if you’re drinking this every single morning, MCT oil can start to add up in the bank account. So what are the health benefits of drinking Bulletproof Coffee? Starting your day with this kind of drink helps give you an extra dose of energy with your coffee, gets in a good helping of healthy fats first thing in the day, and can help with improved cognitive function. So this is where my nerdy self gets super excited about health functions. Your brain needs healthy fats to function at its best. Since our brains are composed of mostly fat, fueling yourself with healthy fats can help your brain work better as it encourages ketosis, which provides energy to our brains and stimulates an increased production of neurotransmitters that play a role in our learning and memory. And if nothing else, coffee tastes super good with that extra creamy layer to it!

a bulletproof coffee recipe with camerons coffee | this brown kitchen

So my version is a little different than a normal Bulletproof Coffee because I add a spoonful of spices to it for some additional benefits in my cup. I add about a teaspoon or so of my chai spice mix which is just a blend of ground cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, pepper, cloves, and nutmeg, but you can use any spice blend that you prefer. I also use ghee instead of straight grass-fed butter, but again, totally up to you depending on what you have on hand, and I also add a heaping spoonful of coconut cream because I’m obsessed with that white gold. So you’ll just toss all of the ingredients into a blender with the coffee, blend for a few minutes so you get that frothy top and your morning will be set. Give it a try, let me know what you think, and share your favorite ways to brew with me!

bulletproof coffee recipe

makes 2 cups of coffee

ingredients ::

16 oz hot brewed coffee (I like the Organic Sumatra Blend)
2 tbsp melted ghee
1 1/2 tsp chai spice
2 tbsp coconut cream

directions ::

  1. add all of the ingredients into a blender. blend on medium-high speed for about 1 – 2 minutes until everything is combined.
  2. pour into serving mugs. enjoy!

Thanks to Cameron’s Coffee for sponsoring this post!

autumn goals + cameron’s coffee

this brown kitchen with camerons coffee - autumn goals

While I love the start of every season, I think there’s something special to the beginning of fall. The air gets that really crisp feeling, the sun starts shining in an extra golden way, my cup of coffee feels less like fuel and more like a cozy treat, and the holiday mindset starts to set in. The weather actually cooperated this go around, and I’ve been able to brew some hot cups of my Cameron’s Coffee to drink during the day without overheating. Come on, we’ve all been there when we get over-eager for cool weather and wear sweaters and boots even though it’s still 80 degrees out. But not this time. I’ve been waking up to mornings that have a little bite to them when you get out from under the covers and walked around my new neighborhood with a slight breeze accompanying me. Tell me you don’t love fall.

this brown kitchen with camerons coffee - autumn goals

This season, I wanted to put together a list of intentions, goals, ideas, whatever you want to call them, to be more aware of and keep top of mind. Fall is the time of transition and a moment to realize all of the possibilities we have, so I sat down with my journal and spent some self-reflection time trying to figure out what I want to prioritize this month – also, I’ve discovered the joy of cutting out the phrase “I don’t have time” and replaced it with “This isn’t a priority” – it’s been an amazing mindset shift to think about the things I want to be most conscious of and prioritize those versus trying to do so many things and then getting upset when I don’t accomplish them. So, this is that list ::

– Work on my meditation practice.
– Spend less time on my phone.
– Cook new foods.
– Spend more quiet time journaling.

I’ve discovered the joy of journal time on the weekends. I’ve loved setting up camp in my cozy bed (I’m like actually obsessed with my bed and its fluffy white duvet) with my journal, some light listening music, and my cup of coffee. Having finally found my work flow in a new city, I’ve enjoyed working in some self-reflection time and extra self-care time. It’s so important to me to set time aside to spend time with just myself, no distractions, and to just relax. Obviously y’all know coffee is my relaxation treat from this and this post, so putting my favorite tray to work on my bed has been the best. But with the season change, my relaxation time shifts to include more movies, sweeter treats, and hotter beverages (can’t wait to share my favorite bulletproof coffee recipe with y’all next month – it’s such a delicious cold weather beverage to cozy up to!). It’s just such a refreshing time, and I’m so here for it. What’s on y’alls list of fall goals?

*thank you to Cameron’s Coffee for sponsoring this post!

this brown kitchen with camerons coffee - autumn goals

cold brew + cameron’s coffee

this brown kitchen and cameron's coffee cold brew
So I’ve already started seeing people posting about the start of fall, and while I love autumn and all of the fresh and crisp seasonal things it brings into my life I gotta tell ya, we’ve still got a ways to go before we hit fall temperatures here in California. As in, it was 100 degrees here this last week and there is absolutely no point in going through my closet storage and digging out those sweaters yet. BUT – that means that cold brew coffee season is here for a little while longer. If y’all saw my instagram post last week with Cameron’s Coffee and if you’ve followed along with me for a while, you’ll know that I L O V E cold brew. I love coffee in general, but I love the smooth flavor and richness of cold brew that could have me sipping on a glass all day long. And while I’m focused on incorporating Ayurveda into my life, cold brew coffee fits seamlessly into my everyday.
Cold brewing coffee makes your brew less acidic, as the different oils, molecules, and acids in coffee are usually activated in hot water (around 195 – 200 degrees F). So when you brew coffee without that heat, those molecules aren’t released which makes for the smooth flavor that cold-brew is known for. This doesn’t mean that it’s better for you compared to hot coffee, but if you’re like me (a Pitta dosha type) and drink coffee, this is probably going to be a good go-to method for you. So how do I make my milk-jug of coffee for the week?
This is how I make my cold-brew coffee at home ::
Ingredients —
1 cup of Camerons Coffee grounds (been loving the Organic French Roast as of late)
4 cups of filtered water
Steps —
1. Add the coffee grounds into a nut milk bag and place in a glass container.
2. Pour over the water and cover the container. Let the coffee brew overnight for at least 12 hours.
3. Remove the nut milk bag from the container (easiest coffee clean-up ever!).
4. Pour your coffee into glasses, serve up with your favorite milks, syrups, etc.
this brown kitchen and cameron's coffee cold brew
this brown kitchen and cameron's coffee cold brew
I’m a milk gal myself when it comes to coffee mix-ins, and have recently discovered the joy of coconut milk which adds such a yummy sweet flavor that it makes my coffee drink feel like such a treat! Having a jug of cold-brew in the fridge makes it so easy to serve myself up some coffee in the late afternoon when I just want a little something to sip on. BUT the really big deal of having this cold-brew on hand in my fridge is that I’m not running downstairs for coffee. That’s right, I live literally right above one of Sacramento’s local coffee shops and it’s extremely hazardous to my wallet, so I’m saving some serious change by having this in my own fridge. YAY.
How do y’all brew?