morning intentions + Cameron’s Coffee

Weekend mornings with my favorite coffee blends from Cameron's Coffee

Remember when I talked about focusing on my morning routine? Well somewhere between a cross country move and starting a new job, that goal of becoming a morning person went down the drain. I’m really just trying to be honest with y’all here – something that I set out to do just didn’t work out and that’s okay. To be fair, I was actually getting pretty good at getting up and not being in a completely horrible mood, but I just have to start over from square one. Now that I’m all settled into my new apartment and am starting to get into the swing of a new role, I feel like it’s a great time to revisit my morning routines – and I’m so excited to be partnering with Cameron’s Coffee to make that happen! If you didn’t know, I work from home now and it’s really strange getting up and having my morning commute be walking from the bedroom to the kitchen to my desk. There’s really no cutoff point to where my “office life” and everyday life begin and end, which is making my morning routine feel a bit off. Any of y’all who work from home – do you have tips on how you jump start your day knowing that you’re just going to be in the house all day?

Weekend mornings with my favorite coffee blends from Cameron's Coffee

While I peruse through the options of my weekdays, my weekends have taken on an all new persona. I’ve always thought of weekends as a break from work, a chance to focus on my site, and a given few days to go out and explore. But being a new city has me thinking of my weekends as my chance to recharge and take time for myself, something that I didn’t really do before. I mean yes I took weekends to relax, but never to really focus on me. Well, now I am – starting with setting the tone for my day! I’ve always had a romanticized version of what I wish my weekends looked like – waking up when the sunshine starts flowing into the windows, a leisurely breakfast in bed with a tray of foods and flowers, open newspaper pages and a steaming cup of jo. So here I am, making my weekend dreams come true. I started going to sleep on Fridays with the blinds slightly open so that the sunshine could come into the room naturally the next morning, prepping some basic breakfast items the night before like bowls of berries and keeping some toast and avo ready to go, and I even signed up for a NYT subscription to come to my door each weekend. And of course, a weekend breakfast in bed isn’t complete without a hot (or cold, depending on the climate you live in) beverage. I’ve talked about my coffee habits on here and Instagram with y’all before, so you know that for me, coffee is one of those luxurious treats that I give myself through the week. I’ve never been a person who needs coffee to wake up in the morning, instead getting a cup later in the morning to sink into and revel in the taste. So I’m super excited to be working with Cameron’s Coffee to give my coffee treats an upgrade!

I’ve been sipping on cups of Cameron’s brews throughout the last few weeks (the Velvet Moon blend is my favorite) and it’s really made my mornings feel extra special and somewhat put together between all the chaos of a move. I’m so stoked to share some really fun coffee-centered content with y’all in between recipes and posts about my continued Ayurvedic learning in the next few months, so stay tuned! Happy weekend, y’all!

Weekend mornings with my favorite coffee blends from Cameron's Coffee

*thank you to Cameron’s Coffee for sponsoring this post!

why I’m drinking coffee just once a week

why you should only drink coffee in certain ways based on your dosha type - ayurveda

I’m so stoked with the reactions and questions I’ve gotten about Ayurveda and how many people have expressed interest in the practice since I started talking about it on Instagram. To be clear – I’m still new at this. I’m still learning about how to most effectively incorporate Ayurveda in my life and if you can learn something along the way too, that’s really what I hope to do! Like I mentioned in this last post about the basics of Ayurveda, one of the first things to do is to figure out your dosha type. Once you figure that out, you can determine the types of foods you should be eating to balance your systems out. I’m a pitta-kapha, leaning highly on the pitta side – so for me, that means focusing on cooling and sweet foods, while limiting and avoiding acidic and hot foods. 

Ayurveda emphasizes opposites as medicine – so if a pitta type is naturally hot and acidic, you want to balance that out by eating things that pacify that with sweeter and astringent things. I’ll be writing up a post about the different types with a condensed list of foods that help balance those types out – so be on the lookout! So coming back to the whole opposites as medicine thing – being that I have a naturally acidic type – that means I need to limit and avoid foods that increase those qualities, one of those things being coffee. Literally reading that broke my heart. If you’ve followed me around on Instagram, you know that I have an undying love with weekend coffee shop time. There is something so perfect about setting up camp at my favorite shop with my laptop, book, headphones, and a big latte cup – so to find out that coffee wasn’t on the list of things I should be consuming in copious amounts was a bummer. Not that I drank a lot of coffee in the first place – but I definitely had a few cups during the week on busy days, and an extra cup or two on the weekend as a part of my coffee shop routine. 

Ayurveda emphasizes balance as a way of life, and what I like most about it is while there are certain foods the practice suggests you avoid entirely based on your dosha, it also says there are certain foods you shouldn’t eat all the time, but a couple times a week is still okay. I would definitely have a problem with completely eliminating all of my favorite things, but really it makes sense. You don’t eat cake and brownies and ice cream everyday right? (I mean if you are – power to you) But of course it comes back to the point of balance and the idea of treating yourself every once in a while. Because I lean highly towards the Pitta type, I shouldn’t be drinking coffee everyday as it increases fiery-like qualities which I already have a lot of. But – when I do have it, practices suggest that I add a sweetener like maple syrup or coconut milk to counteract with coffee’s acidic tendencies. See – balance. If you want to get really specific, you could coordinate the best times for your body to ingest coffee in the day, portion sizes, and different blends. 

So there ya go, if you see me posting less coffee on my Instagram feed, this is why. (: I’ve already come up with some alternatives when I want something similar to drink, and can’t wait to share the recipes!