I did a juice cleanse and this is what happened.

I did a juice cleanse with Juice So Good and this is what happened. | This Brown Kitchen

I’m one of those people who’s willing to try any wellness trend at least once. Hey, I don’t want to write any idea off until I try it myself. So suffice to say, when the Juice So Good team reached out and asked if I wanted to try one of their juice cleanses I of course said yes. For someone who is a proclaimed juice-lover, I’ve never actually done a juice cleanse before. It’s always been something I’ve wanted to try, but I never got around to it. And truth be told, the idea always kinda scared me. Could I – someone who freaking loves food – go three days without eating anything and sustaining myself off juice?? Turns out I can and I did. For y’alls reading pleasure, I have here my thoughts throughout my cleansing experience.


830am – Literally spent 5 minutes trying to open my bottle of green juice. Is this some kind of foreshadowing for how this cleanse is going to go?
1245pm – Wow I’m not actually hungry yet, maybe I have more will-power than I thought. I do miss my midday snack though.
2pm – This lemon cayenne juice is straight FIRE. (in the best way possible)
410pm – Okay. I couldn’t even finish this beet juice because I’m so full from drinking liquids all day. Who knew I could make it even this long without eating??
626pm – So this is when I should be eating dinner. Instead I’m drinking a cashew milk. I mean it’s good cashew milk but now I kinda wish I could eat food off of a plate.
804pm – I just drank so much tea to keep myself from remembering how this is my late evening snack time. Mmmmm snacks.


745am – WHY AM I SO TIRED. I feel like I’m wearing foggy goggles and could probably stay in bed and sleep for another 8 hours. Y THO.
830am – Okay green juice. Give me life. I need all the life.
940am – Alrighty I’m feeling better after that sunshine juice – but man I wouldn’t mind having a sandwich right now. Mmmmm. Bread.
1137am – I don’t want this beet juice. But I need to drink this.
142pm – This Cayenne Lemonade is everything. I love this drink. I feel like it cleanses my soul.
242pm – All about this green tea. I feel like Kermit when I drink tea. Like I’m sippin’ on that tea.
445pm – Carrot juice. Yes. It’s like my favorite vegetable – I basically consider this an orange super juice.
629pm – YAAAAS CASHEW MILK. This stuff is liquid gold literally bless the juice mavens.
813pm – Okay. I. Am. Hungry. It only took my two days to feel actually hungry and now I would like a pizza. But I just have to get through tomorrow. UGHHHH.


725am – While I am actually hungry, I do feel light and airy and like I could rule the world.
847am – Green juice yes. While I am sipping this I am plotting my breakfast tomorrow. Eggs and avocados and bread I cannot wait.
1130am – I AM HUNGRY.
1257pm – Literally I have to get through only half a day more. Cayenne Lemonade fuel me now!!!
114pm – Legit will continue making this lemonade for myself because I’m addicted now.
337pm – What if I make a grilled cheese tomorrow?
520pm – Boiling up this quinoaaaaa, packing up this tupperwareeee, getting ready for tomorrow’s bowllllll.
647pm – The last cashew milk. I will miss you most of all, dear friend.
858pm – I’m going to sleep now so I don’t think about food and make it through the night.

I did a juice cleanse with Juice So Good and this is what happened. | This Brown Kitchen

I actually quite enjoyed the experience and was surprised by how far I got without feeling actively hungry. I did realize how often I do snack as a form of filling the time when I didn’t have the option to, and maybe that’s because I work from home and the kitchen is always right there. I woke up on the morning after my cleanse feeling refreshed but also ready to eat. You don’t really appreciate the joy of foods until you cut them out, but now I love and am trying to be more present about the foods I eat and the process of eating. Would I do it again? Sure. But not for a while. Maybe at some point in the new year I’ll plan for another juice cleanse, but like I said in my Instagram stories, I don’t think a juice cleanse should be a long term practice and isn’t a long term fix. I think it’s a great wellness practice that can really help you reset in your health practices and makes you super aware of your daily practices. So here I am – one juice cleanse deep, and feeling ready to take on the world.

Thanks to Juice So Good for providing me with their 3 Day Juice Cleanse!

i drank out of a copper water bottle for two months – and this is what happened.

this brown kitchen and copper H2O, why you should be drinking out of a copper water bottle for ayurvedic health

Y’all! Remember when I posted about wanting to start using a copper water bottle? Well I got my bottle in the mail from Copper H2O and have been using it for the last few weeks. Let me tell you guys, I’m OBSESSED with it. 

With everything I’ve been trying to incorporate into my Ayurvedic lifestyle – eating according to my dosha, working on my yoga flow and mindset with meditation, reading all about holistic healing – drinking out of a copper water bottle was a very welcome and easy addition into my day. Do I need to remind you of some of the benefits? In addition to helping with digestion stimulating your brain, and helping build immunity, drinking out of a copper water bottle can also help you improve your skin. That last part was the benefit I was most looking forward to seeing a difference with, as I’ve always had issues with my skin being even and clear. I’ve tried everything from homemade masks, eating super clean, and trying every wash out there – so this was me trying out another method to help me out.

After getting my bottle, I started drinking out of it throughout the day. Most importantly though, each night I filled up the bottle to let it sit overnight, and then drank from that bottle first thing in the morning. My mom has always said, you should let the water rest for about 6 to 8 hours in copper and then drink it as soon as you wake up. When you let water rest in copper for this amount of time, it allows the water to gain that small amount of ions from the copper to dissolve in it. There’s a more scientific way to look at and explain this – storing water in a copper bottle allows it to become alkaline. The storage in copper is what naturally ionizes water and causes the water to become natural alkaline waterAlkaline water has a higher pH than regular drinking water, which helps it reduce acid in the body – which some studies show is helpful for conditions like acid reflux. Others suggest that drinking alkaline water can help with preventing chronic conditions, slowing the aging process, and helping fight high cholesterol. 

this brown kitchen and copper H2O, why you should be drinking out of a copper water bottle for ayurvedic health

this brown kitchen and copper H2O, why you should be drinking out of a copper water bottle for ayurvedic health

While I can’t personally speak to those findings, I am here to tell you that my skin is looking amazing. I can’t remember a time when my skin tone has been this even, and if I do have a breakout (trust me, we all still get them!), they have been smaller and are healing quicker. I haven’t changed my eating or makeup routine so to see that the addition and change of drinking out of a copper water bottle has made a difference in one aspect of my life has been incredible. I was already a water-fiend before using this bottle – as in I regularly drink around 100oz of water a day – so to see that using a bottle to create more alkaline water and seeing a difference in my skin makes me feel like I’m taking easy and actionable steps to improve my Ayurvedic lifestyle. This is the bottle I have – and I don’t know that I can drink out of anything else!

I’ll update in a few weeks about any other differences I may notice – but so far, using this bottle has been my favorite addition to Ayurvedic practices. (:

*Thanks to Copper H2O for providing me with this copper bottle. I am not a doctor and am not here to treat or diagnose anyone with any health issues they may be facing. I’m just sharing my experiences with Ayurveda, so please consult a health professional before undertaking any major changes to diet, exercise, or health. Thanks!

autumn goals + cameron’s coffee

this brown kitchen with camerons coffee - autumn goals

While I love the start of every season, I think there’s something special to the beginning of fall. The air gets that really crisp feeling, the sun starts shining in an extra golden way, my cup of coffee feels less like fuel and more like a cozy treat, and the holiday mindset starts to set in. The weather actually cooperated this go around, and I’ve been able to brew some hot cups of my Cameron’s Coffee to drink during the day without overheating. Come on, we’ve all been there when we get over-eager for cool weather and wear sweaters and boots even though it’s still 80 degrees out. But not this time. I’ve been waking up to mornings that have a little bite to them when you get out from under the covers and walked around my new neighborhood with a slight breeze accompanying me. Tell me you don’t love fall.

this brown kitchen with camerons coffee - autumn goals

This season, I wanted to put together a list of intentions, goals, ideas, whatever you want to call them, to be more aware of and keep top of mind. Fall is the time of transition and a moment to realize all of the possibilities we have, so I sat down with my journal and spent some self-reflection time trying to figure out what I want to prioritize this month – also, I’ve discovered the joy of cutting out the phrase “I don’t have time” and replaced it with “This isn’t a priority” – it’s been an amazing mindset shift to think about the things I want to be most conscious of and prioritize those versus trying to do so many things and then getting upset when I don’t accomplish them. So, this is that list ::

– Work on my meditation practice.
– Spend less time on my phone.
– Cook new foods.
– Spend more quiet time journaling.

I’ve discovered the joy of journal time on the weekends. I’ve loved setting up camp in my cozy bed (I’m like actually obsessed with my bed and its fluffy white duvet) with my journal, some light listening music, and my cup of coffee. Having finally found my work flow in a new city, I’ve enjoyed working in some self-reflection time and extra self-care time. It’s so important to me to set time aside to spend time with just myself, no distractions, and to just relax. Obviously y’all know coffee is my relaxation treat from this and this post, so putting my favorite tray to work on my bed has been the best. But with the season change, my relaxation time shifts to include more movies, sweeter treats, and hotter beverages (can’t wait to share my favorite bulletproof coffee recipe with y’all next month – it’s such a delicious cold weather beverage to cozy up to!). It’s just such a refreshing time, and I’m so here for it. What’s on y’alls list of fall goals?

*thank you to Cameron’s Coffee for sponsoring this post!

this brown kitchen with camerons coffee - autumn goals

what is ayurveda?

learning the basics of ayurveda | this brown kitchen

I’ve started to get questions from people on Instagram and people IRL about what Ayurveda is and why I’m talking about it. So I figured now was a better time than any to have an actual informational post about it and how I’m incorporating it into my life. 

It all started this year when I decided that one of my intentions was to focus on wellness. After some different trials and errors along the way figuring out what kind of practices were applicable to my life that I could actually continue, I landed upon Ayurveda. To be clear, I’ve known about Ayurveda forever, I mean come on y’all this isn’t new to me – I’m Indian for pete’s sake. What is new to me is formulating a practice around its fundamentals. What started as an informational search of how to incorporate Ayurvedic eating into my life turned into a look of how to follow it as a full on lifestyle. So that’s how we ended up here.

Now to the actual question – what is Ayurveda? A brief and topline answer to that question is that Ayurveda is a traditional and almost sister science to yoga, that emphasizes wellness as a way to heal the body and bring balance to life, body, and mind. Ayurveda is based on the idea of achieving that balance in our bodily systems through our diet and exercise.

The thing that I’ve come to love most about this way of living is that Ayurveda is totally personalized to you and your mind-body type, and what it’s comprised of, while focusing on balancing the different aspects of your body through food and exercise. This is where the idea of the doshas come in. Doshas reflect the three main forces of nature – wind, water, and air – and each one of our bodies is made up of a certain combination of the three. So yes – this is about where I lose people in conversation because they start to think, “wow, I had no idea Ruch was such a hippie-dippie person”. FALSE. First of all, I am not a hippie now and not even close to becoming one. To go divulge into a mini tangent, the reason I want to share my experience with Ayurvedic practices is for the sole reason that I’m not learning or practicing it in the mountains of India. I’m learning about it here in America because my culture is a mix of Indian and American. I get to view a completely different experience of immersing myself in the practice because of where I live and how I grew up, and for me it’s kind of like this crazy adventure of discovering a part of my heritage but being able to share it in a way that everyone not from India can understand too. 

So the first part of incorporating Ayurveda into your lifestyle is to figure out your Dosha type – the three different types are Pitta (fire), Vata (air), and Kapha (earth-water). Each person has a unique combination of these three types and those types guide how we should eat, exercise, and live. For reference, I’m a Pitta – Kapha, leaning highly towards the Pitta side, which is why you will see more and more recipes here and on Instagram that follow the guidelines of that type. 

While this is  super top-line definition of Ayurveda and what constitutes its practices, I at least wanted to start the conversation and share a little background with y’all. I’ll be sharing more over the next few months, covering different topics within Ayurveda, and hopefully you can learn from it too. Let me know if you have any questions about what I’m doing with this practice or if you just want to say hello!