holiday season reflections + camerons coffee

This Brown Kitchen x Cameron's Coffee

As we begin to round out the year, I like to take these last couple of weeks to reflect on all that these last twelve months have brought into life and what I want to take into the new year. It’s been one for the books, that’s for sure. Between moving cross-country, starting a new job, taking This Brown Kitchen to the next level, having my bestie get engaged, and starting to plan for the new year, it’s been a whirlwind. I’ve been spending this last month or so at home in Texas and off from work as a chance to unwind and refresh, spend extra time with my favorite people, savor extra quiet morning-coffee time with my Cameron’s Coffee, and get off the grid.

This Brown Kitchen x Cameron's Coffee

Through so many big changes and momentous occasions, I’ve been lucky to have friends and people in my life who make me realize that it really is the little moments from this last year that have made it amazing. Some notable ones…..

– Galentine’s Day/Girls Night with my fave Minneapolis ladies, we ate lotsa chocolate and cheese.

– those last few cold winter mornings in Minneapolis, cozied up to a cup of this coffee while watching the snowflakes from my window.

– landing in San Francisco in July as I began my move from Minneapolis to Sacramento, and getting up early on that first Sunday to be the first one at the Golden Gate lookout point. That first quiet and foggy California morning will forever be etched into my brain.

– wandering around Lake Tahoe by myself and literally being in awe of how gorgeous the views were.

– spending Halloween night with Alicia and her friends who welcomed me into Sacramento with open arms, really making me feel like I had people to turn to in this new city.

– watching The Mindy Project with Emily while eating Twizzlers and goldfish.

– sitting outside at Elizabeth Street Cafe on my first trip back to Austin in a year, realizing that some of the best memories will never change.

This Brown Kitchen x Cameron's Coffee

I do think the holiday’s are a time of reflection – to be extra mindful in our practice gratitude to those who are in important in our lives. To be able to sit down with pen and holiday cards in hand, curled up with my coziest blanket and a cuppa of Peppermint Coffee (I mean, it is the holidays after all!), and try to put into words how grateful I am to the people in my life is a ritual I look forward to each year. I don’t send out all that many cards, about 15 each year, to the people who really have an impact on my life, so I can really focus my energy and thoughts into writing out meaningful messages to all of these people. To think back on all the memories from just one year with these people is always an amazing practice, and really just puts the biggest smile on my face. I hope you get the same feeling when you send out your holiday notes. (:

So now I’m here prepping for Christmas morning – we’re doing date-paste cinnamon rolls and coffee for the present opening, and Italian food for dinner – and then it will be another holiday season wrapped up. Here’s wishing you and all your loved ones a beautiful holiday week and Happy New Year! 

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