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I’m going into this weekend with a clear mind and freshly washed hair. What do I mean? I just went FIVE whole days without washing my hair as a part of oil training. Basically I’m giving my hair a break and letting all those natural oils do their thing to help my scalp be its healthiest without stripping them all away and drying my hair out – and of course it helps your hair last longer between washes. It was actually quite nice getting up in the mornings this week and just tossing my hair up in a bun. It also means that I get to give my hair a break from the heat of my blow dryer which it probably appreciates. If anything, I will say that I have never appreciated a freshly washed head of hair as much as I have today – I feel like a rockstar!

As for weekend plans – I’ll be getting my flow on at yoga, shooting some content, and grabbing brunch at this local spot. And as always, here are some of my favorite finds from the internet this week!

Stumbled upon this column in the New York Times on practicing meditation in real time.

About to start this book and I am super excited about it – have you read this one?

This is my kind of spring pasta salad.

10 reasons to never start practicing yoga – this is hilarious!

Loving this cozy space and getting design envy!

Found the cutest shop in Minneapolis – you definitely need to check out Arlee Park.

I really want to try this vegan fattoush recipe next week.

Finished Master of None in 1 night (oops!) – here’s their official Italian travel guide!


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My new favorite podcast. (Joy the Baker and Alisa Vitti are my favorite episodes so far!)

I shared a recipe for a Cumin Chickpea Salad with my favorite Mint Chutney on Camille Styles.

This frittata is everything I want for brunch.

Been on the lookout for prints – and this one is the cutest.

One of my favorite local dinner spots for farm to table food.

I’ve been really into cycle-syncing lately after reading about Lee’s experience with it.

After I made teff pancakes last week, I now need to try these teff waffles.

My new apartment is going to have a balcony and these ideas are getting me super excited to decorate!

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Well hello, friends! How was your week? What’re all the happs? Can you believe it’s almost OCTOBER??

It’s been quite the week over here, I spent 24 hours of the last week in my OG homeland of Austin, Texas – sampling some of my favorite gelato which included a pear and plum flavor, YUM – catching up with the wonderful Camille of at one of my favorite eateries, and spending a night at SoCo Hotel which made me feel like an actual adult whaaaat. I got to eat tacos which just made me realize how much I really need to have some decent Tex-Mex food around at all times, and take a romp around my old stomping grounds of campus. Aside from a deterred flight incident due to weather (seriously, it was not fun.) I’d say it was a successful trip back to the greatest state ever. #texasforever

This week I’ll be laying low, enjoying what may be one of the last week’s of decent weather here in MPLS, making a Food and Wine galette recipe and watching Julie and Julia (how have I not seen this movie already??) with the roomie, and hopefully going apple picking this weekend. If this isn’t my peak life, I don’t know what it is.

I hope y’all have a wonderful last week of September, and here’s a few fun things from around the webs that I’ve loved :: 

My favorite band put out their latest album, it’s quite rad and all I’ve been listening to this month.

This is very important – Let’s Chaat :: A Guide to Indian Snacks 

Pre-ordering this book has me looking forward to the mail each day.

Things to keep in mind to be cultured in life.

How do you feel about a crappy dinner party?

I think having a mentor is so important, here’s how to find a good one.

Just a little sad that tomatoes go out of season soon, because then I can’t make this.

Getting ready for the pumpkin life by drinking this smoothie

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Oh my goodness, y’all. How is it already the end of the month?? Like isn’t it just crazy how fast time flies sometimes? Like I’ve officially spent a whole entire month here in MPLS. Say whaaaaat.

Aside from freaking out about the fact that it’s almost the end of summer, I spent the weekend doing super fun things like taking a hand-lettering class (so I can be as good as Emily and her awesome skills), wandering around the Minnesota State Fair and eating lots of foods that no one should eat on a regular basis like fried cheese on a stick, an ice cream sprinkle cone, and a bucket of cookies. Yup. #justminnesotathings Other than that, I’m basically just trying to spend as much time outside as possible. I’m pretty sure I’ve just taken the idea of going outside for granted my entire life because you don’t worry about the days where a blizzard will set in and you have to think about driving through snow to accomplish things in Texas. It’ll just be a new experience for me come winter, but I’m super jazzed about fall coming and the leaves changing colors and the impending apple picking and boots and flannel-wearing. I’ll just be spending more time making cheese plates for book club and watching a whole lotta netflix on the regular. Any show recommendations?

In the meantime, here’s some fun things from around the interwebs that I’ve enjoyed this past month ::

My rad friend has this blog and it’s pretty cool if I must say so myself.

I’m still working on eating more slowly and being mindful, but here are some tips I loved.

Been messing around with bullet-journaling, here are some great layouts to get you started.

LOVE this advice.

Just some appreciation for our National Parks on the 100 Year Anniversary.

Whipping up another batch of this almond milk because I’m officially obsessed.

Attempting to be more organized at life, and really trying to incorporate these ideas.

Not really one for cleanses, but this sugar detox may be worth trying for a reset.

Oh my gosh I need this cake. (Just trying to live out my eat cake for breakfast life motto.)